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> CWM-1300 Series Automatic Tube Coiling Machine
> Series CWM-1300 Series ho zheng li mo sui ji
> Full-auto Drying Machine
> HW-303A Portable Baiting Machine
> HW-303A Auto Edge Grinding Machine
> Auto Paper Tuber Pattern Printing Machine
> HW-303B Newest Mech,Drive Gunite Auto Tube Coiling Machine
> HW-303A Newest Auto After-finish Linkage Flocking Mill Set
> HW-303 Devided Auto After-finish Equipment
> HW-303 Divided Auto Double Head Flocking Mill
> HW-303A Auto Napper
> HW-308 Base Paper Slitter
> HW-308A Automatic Base Paper Slitter
> HW-308 Small Model Spiral Sloped Tube Main Engine(Photoelectric Engine Tube)
> HW-308A Spiral Bevel Tube Main Engine
> HW-308B-1 type Spiral Bevel Tube Main Engine
> HW-308C Type Spiral Bevel Tube Main Engine (Photoelectric cutting tube)
> HW-308C-1 Type Spiral Bevel Tube Main Engine (Photoelectric cutting tube)
> HW-308C-2 Type Spiral Bevel Tube Main Engine
> HW-308E Auto edge Grinding Machine
> HW-308D Auto Pneu.Fine Cutter
> HW-308 Auto Pneu.Paper Tuber Grooving Machine
> HW-308E Auto Pneu.Air Spinning Paper Tube Fine Cutter
> HW-308A Auto Pneu.Air Spinning Paper Tube Fine Cutter
> HW-308C Auto Pneu.Paper Tuber Grooving Machine
> QPZ-2000 Fully Automatic Flat Rolling Pipe Straightening Machine
> A Type Manual Tube Cutter
> B Type Manual Tube Cutter
> All sorts of toolings
Our company is the largest professinal manufacturer to porduce the paper machinery &equipment and carries out the ISO 9001 Quality Atandard.Since establishment,we are always applying ourselves to develop the automatization of paper bobbin machinery &equipment,and we can poduce the fully auto cotton textile cone yarn bobbin production line and the spiral parallel bobbin production line

,which are the most advanced high tech.product brand always lists in the front row at all same trades.In the over 20past years,we insisted on collecting the ability and wisdom in the world and taking the national industry development as our task,regarding the scie-tech as pride of place ,develoing the automatizaton according to the market requirement,taking the user as the God.After the hard strggle,we have obtained the splendid achievement.Now we have the strong technical power and full sets of processing equipment.We move the user by our perfect after-service and meet to the user's requirement by the high mechanical performance.

Now our company produces the fully auto cone yarn bobbin production line,in China only which washes out the Kores technology and adopts the advanced Spanish technics and craftword for porduction an manufature.It combines the domestic raw material technis and selects the high quality material to prepare

it aboratively. The equipment runs stably with low noise.The equipment and production are operated in cleanness and tid with high speed .The product from the equipment has high strength and good roundness .The most advantage is to sane the raw material,use raw material in high rate and easily opreate it .It can produce all kinds of cone paper yarn bobbin in 330,557,420and 915. After the Chinese Low is carried out,it becomes the paper bobbin production enterprises' first selection for automatization production line.The current equipment produced in company has the same technical level as Shanghai Kangfeng. The products can reach the most advanced high grade in the world.The products produced by other equipment can't be compared with our products .Our product obtains good reputation from the vast users.

We insist on the user paramountcy.Basing on the advantage of technology developing,we serve our users with our whole heart by fine technology,good reputation,high quality and reasonable price.Welcome the client at home and abroad to investigate,instruct an consult with us at presence.
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